The unapologetically smart H. Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch returns with Zzzz and Brrrr – two limited edition watches that lack nothing except vowels (live pics, specs and price)

The unapologetically smart H. Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch returns with Zzzz and Brrrr – two limited edition watches that lack nothing except vowels (live pics, specs and price)

The proudly savvy H. Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch gets back with Zzzz and Brrrr – two restricted release watches that need nothing aside from vowels (live pics, specs and price). The mechanical wristwatch is as yet an incredible symbol. At any rate we, at Monochrome, think so. Its role might be viewed as threatened by cell phones, however it presents a solid defense for manly polish and conventional watchmaking. What’s more, in that vein, Moser divulged its Swiss Alp watch  last year. A 100% Swiss and 100% mechanical insubordinate remain against the ascent of smartwatches. As our editorialist Mario put it after the launch of the Alp watch, Moser is some sort of ‘present-day David of the Swiss watch industry’.

Naturally, nobody anticipates that the Cupertino powerhouse should implode in view of this activity. In any case, in the course of recent years, individuals at Moser have run the company in a shrewd manner, paying attention to things without paying attention to themselves as well. Fine workmanship, careful meticulousness, authority of customary specialties and the refusal to compromise are altogether apparent in its watches. Simultaneously, this select, high-end autonomous brand, producing only a couple hundred watches per year, has left on a few unforeseen initiatives.

For occurrence, a couple of months prior, they drummed up some excitement with the ‘Make Swiss-made incredible once more’ crusade , divulging the Swiss Mad watch with a case produced using certified Swiss cheese . The venture was provocative and contemptuous however it was additionally expected to bring consideration (in light of current circumstances) to the way that Switzerland’s new guidelines on what comprises ‘Swiss-Made’ are excessively permissive. A week ago both the special Swiss Alp Watch and novel Swiss Cheese Watch were sold for CHF 100,000 Swiss Franc on the side of conventional Swiss watchmaking.

Today, the Swiss Alp watch gets back with two new restricted releases christened Zzzz and Brrrr. Normally, the look is recognizable. Carefully moderate, it is an activity in line and structure. The adjusted, rectangular case is wonderful and exceptionally material. The feeling of extent is right on the money. The dial is deprived of brand mark, records and any Swiss made sign. It comes in a polished black or brilliant funky blue tone with sunburst pattern.

The sapphire case back offers an unrestricted perspective on the magnificent shaped development and gives valid justifications to pay attention to the Swiss Alp watch. The manual type HMC324 runs at a lethargic 18’000 vibrations each hour and flaunts a 4 days power hold. The offset with managing screws includes a unique Straumann hairspring with Breguet overcoil. It is made with Precision designing AG, Moser’s sister company. As usual, the finish is magnificent with the brand’s unmistakable twofold stripes and lovely angles. The development shows only hours and minutes, in addition to there is a force save marker on the development side.

The Swiss Alp Watches Zzzz and Brrrr are worn on either a black gator or beige kudu leather tie with beautiful coating. It is shut with a pin clasp. On the wrist, it looks incredible, very dressy indeed and it wears very well.

Technical details H. Moser & Cie Swiss Alp Watch Zzzz and Brrrr

  • Case: 38.2 mm x 44 mm 10.3 mm thick – white gold – sapphire precious stone on the front and on the back.
  • Movement: HMC 324 (in-house) – 36 mm x 32 mm x 4.8 mm – manual winding – 4 days power hold – 18’000 vibrations/h – 27 gems – hours, minutes and force save sign on development side.
  • Strap: croc or kudu leather lash with pin buckle.
  • Reference: 5324-0207 (Zzzz) and 5324-0208 (Brrrr)
  • Limited releases of 20 watches each
  • Price: 25’600 CHF