Throwback – Our past April Fools posts

Throwback – Our past April Fools posts

Team Monochrome has shown up back home from a debilitating Baselworld reasonable. Tom went back home on Sunday, Brice, Robin and I showed up back home on Tuesday night, and Xavier added an additional day of Baselworld frenzy before he got back on Wednesday night. And keeping in mind that the remainder of the group recuperated from the rankles on their feet, and the general exhaustion, my timetable was (once more) loaded with gatherings, including the account of today’s radioshow at  Business News Radio . Furthermore, surmise what… I completely failed to remember that today is the first of April. So to compensate for that, a return to our past April Fools posts. 

Here we go… our first April Fools post, obviously composed by our writer specialist, Mario Squillacioti:  Rolex release their new 44mm titanium Submariner. 

In 2014 we skirted the fun of an April Fools post, anyway in 2015 Mario was back with his inimitable mind. The Crown was again subject of this yearly fun, and the theme concerned shrewd watches: Rolex joins savvy race!

And a year ago Mario addressed the sensitive subject of the savvy and the honor of being our April Fools subject went to Apple:  Apple announces stopping the Apple Watch – cracked under pressure of the Swiss watch industry. 

Yesterday we posted  Xavier’s Baselworld Top 10 and one week from now we’ll post the separate top 10’s of Brice and I. We desire to give you an outline of our features, after ‘digesting’ all that we saw during the more then 150 gathering with brands during the reasonable. Meanwhile, you can look into all Baselworld news here .