Tudor Announces David Beckham as new Brand and #BORNTODARE Campaign Ambassador

Tudor Announces David Beckham as new Brand and #BORNTODARE Campaign Ambassador

David Beckham, one of the world’s most renowned football players (for our American perusers: that’s what you all would call soccer) and style symbols, will be Tudor’s new brand diplomat and minister for the #Borntodare lobby. Presently that’s something we didn’t expect. The one who has everything, who wedded Posh Spice, who’s epithet is DB7 and who has won prizes for best male body, and best dressed man, decides to work with Tudor.

Beckham is acclaimed for his style, so his decision to work with Tudor is an immense lift and compliment to the brand. The brand, which has been acquiring energy over the previous years since changing gears and introducing several fruitful vintage motivated watches, was at that point on its approach to becoming the cool child on the square in the realm of watches. With a diplomat like Beckham joining its positions, it will now have the option to reach a long ways past the conspicuous watch devotees, and show its form of ‘cool’ to a lot bigger audience.

Just think about the Tudor Heritage Chrono , a watch that practically every columnists discussed during Baselworld 2013. Or on the other hand the Tudor Black Bay Blue . It got a similar kind of consideration during Baselworld 2014. With a great many watches that are presented during the world’s biggest watch reasonable, it’s a significant accomplishment that Tudor is all the rage during Baselworld. Furthermore, when you see that watch authorities around the planet are accepting the brand, and its watches, with an equivalent measure of energy as the writers, this simply underlines its success. Presently the Geneva-based brand is prepared to assume the remainder of the world, and along with Becks, or DB7 maybe, it will show its cool watches to a whole lot bigger audience.

The sister brand of the Crown, doesn’t need cool, as at this year’s Baselworld, the Black Bay Steel/Gold was perhaps the most discussed watches. Furthermore, which is all well and good, in light of the fact that additionally at group Monochrome, we were on top of it (and thinking how to raise the financial plan and get one for ourselves). All I got for the present is this wrist shot, however have confidence, I’ll be putting something aside for one!

More information at the Tudor site here .