Urwerk UR-111C – Reimagining Time

Urwerk UR-111C – Reimagining Time

As part of the brand’s ‘Extraordinary Projects’ line, the UR-111C is Urwerk at its best, a mature watch that takes off with mechanical inventiveness and a plan ethos straight out of Blade Runner. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t bear the trademark satellite hour hands we have come to connect with the brand, the UR-111C is loaded with innovative showcases (bouncing hours, straight retrograde minutes, optical fiber-increased seconds) and a look and feel that is 100% Urwerk. 

Flying notwithstanding convention

Alternative methods of showing time by means of satellite hours on board futuristic vessels are the bread and butter of Urwerk. So when the brand revealed its most recent creation, the UR-111C, without its signature satellite hour complication, everyone’s ears pricked up. The UR-111C is an interesting machine and draws on motivation from the previous King Cobra model . Introducing time in various arrangements (straight and computerized) situated in various windows working on this issue, the other surprising feature of this watch is the new interface. Getting rid of a regular crown, Urwerk has joined a novel roller in the focal point of the case with an extractable switch to set the time.

Alternative methods of showing the time

First introduced by Brice when it made its presentation in September 2018, we’ve currently had the chance of taking care of the UR-111C and figuring out its character and presence. Like all Urwerk watches, a short early on course on the most proficient method to peruse the time is helpful alongside a specific receptiveness and readiness to be moved into another component of horology.

The new UR-111C offers a few qualities of the UR-CC1 King Cobra another nonconformist model that withdrew from the meandering hours equation by consolidating straight and retrograde signs. Like the King Cobra, the UR-111C showcases the hours and minutes in a direct driver’s-style show at the front of the watch, however that is about where the likenesses end.

Like a driver’s watch, the showcase of the UR-111C is intended to allow you to counsel the time without taking your hands off the guiding wheel or flight controls. A delicate rotate of the wrist and the time is uncovered in the three adjusted sapphire precious stone glass compartments found simply over the carries at the lower part of the case. Bouncing hours are perused on the left half of the dashboard on account of a pivoting cone that plays out a lively hop on the hour.

Complex retrograde minutes display

The genuine work of art, involving the greater part of the allocated space in the focal window, is the direct portrayal of minutes set along a slanting track and read by a pivoting helix with a thick yellow marker. The barrel with the moment markers is fixed and has an askew cut in its center to uncover the situation of the skewed yellow marker and show the minutes. Behind the moment barrel is another, bigger barrel enhanced with dynamic slice out vents to uncover portions of the wound spring lurking beneath deck. Because of the curled spring, the drum with the yellow marker turns its way up the moment track and, after arriving at the red hour long marker, plays out a bigger, immediate bounce back to zero constraining the hours to hop ahead.

The cone on the privilege isn’t for the seconds however rather rehashes the moment readings in a turning show, giving the watch two altogether different arrangements to counsel the minutes. Of no genuine down to earth esteem, the second pivoting minutes show is truly there to give visual equilibrium. I found, notwithstanding, that the metallic markings within the tapered sapphire gem mirrored a ton of light and on occasion it was difficult to see the hours or minutes.

Seconds amplified with a cut of optical fibre

The seconds are given their own special lodge on board the UR-111C and are situated under a huge sapphire glass aperture towards the top finish of the case, dashed down with four screws – with regards to the modern plan ethos of Urwerk. Suggestive of the window on those front-stacking tape recorders of yesterday, the round advanced seconds counter underneath appears to coast close to the surface. For a more itemized clarification of the miniature mechanics required here, Brice’s article explains it all.

Composed of two separate wheels with odd and even numbers, the great thing here is the manner in which the digits appear to push facing the glass, as though they were found nearer to the surface than they really are. Rather than a customary Cyclops focal point, Urwerk has played out a world first in watchmaking by utilizing optical strands (a picture conductor) situated 1/10th of a millimeter over the numerals to make the figment of vicinity, while in all actuality the numbers are tucked away far beneath. Despite the fact that it takes a touch of variation to become acclimated to perusing the diverse time designs, you can’t complain about an exhausting, traditional display!

New sensations

Compared to the King Cobra, the case development of the UR-111C is undeniably more modern and streamlined. The obvious curvature of the case follows the contours of the wrist delightfully. Albeit many may dismiss the elements of Urwerk’s wrist machines, the UR-111C is maybe the most wearable model to date. Created in two unique completions of tempered steel – one in cleaned steel that glimmers like a Greyhound transport from the 1950s, the other in a hazier gunmetal steel – the case is 46mm long, 42mm wide and 15mm in tallness at the thickest point. (As a perspective, the Apple Watch Series 4 is presently accessible in a 44mm length.) Not demure measurements in any way shape or form, yet the curvature of the case, the smooth cambered plan and malleable front haul go far in moderating its bulk.

The model we had in for review was the gunmetal steel adaptation with an enticing sandblasted matte completion that feels incredible to the touch. Indeed, you can feel creator Martin Frei’s rich mathematical moderation at work here. Along the lines of the American Streamline Moderne (otherwise known as ‘Art Deco on the Move’) school of the last part of the 1930’s, described by smooth, streamlined lines imitating the profiles of trains, sea liners, planes and vehicles, the instance of the UR-111C features vertical speed lines on the breastplate and curvaceous spaces that bring a profoundly smoothed out and material appeal to the watch.

A new interface

Traversing the focal point of the case is a barrel shaped roller carved with profound furrows to coordinate the remainder of the decoration.  Instead of a regular crown roosted on the highest point of the case, Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner needed to make another path for the wearer to associate with the watch and thought of making a roller to wind the watch. The impression of rolling the fluted chamber is incredibly fulfilling and, similar to any ordinary crown will stop when the watch is completely wound. Notwithstanding regarding the smoothed out elements of the case – not hindered by a cumbersome crown – this unique way to deal with reevaluating the crown and draw in the wearer is, in my eyes, one of the victories of this watch. Another flawless little gadget is the time-setting switch tucked away on the correct side of the case. By separating the switch you can roll the roller to set the time.


Because of its interesting architecture, the development must be opened in from the side of the case. The caseback is enriched with equal vertical grilles that proceed with the topic of the front side of the case. Tragically, the technicians are not uncovered on the opposite side however the programmed development driving the hopping hours, retrograde direct minutes, advanced minutes and seconds has a 48h force save and a 4 Hz (28,800 vph) recurrence, and has been embellished with round graining, Geneva stripes and features cleaned screw heads.


Rest assured that albeit the brand’s signature meandering hour show has been discarded for different arrangements, this watch is Urwerk deeply. Smooth, smoothed out and flight-prepared, the matte gunmetal finish of the model gives the watch a secrecy/mechanical/Sci-Fi look that is additionally very enticing to the touch. In spite of its measurements and commanding character, the UR-111C is substantially more compact than other Urwerk watches and its curved case makes it through and through wearable, even on little wrists of 17cm (as captured). Albeit a portion of the data handed-off (two separate moment registers) probably won’t be imperative, and for some even pointless, it enlivens the watch no closure. The first reevaluation of the crown with the focal roller is the thing that interested us most about this watch and the manner in which it welcomes a more elevated level of collaboration among man and machine.


Presented on a dark crocodile calfskin lash or a dark texture tie, the UR-111C is a restricted version of 25 pieces in hardened steel or steel with a gunmetal finish and retails for EUR 130,000 (excl. charges). More subtleties on urwerk.com .