Vacheron Constantin Adds Slate Grey Dials to the Traditionnelle Collection

Vacheron Constantin Adds Slate Grey Dials to the Traditionnelle Collection

Slate dark and pink gold is a combination that unquestionably works. Warm, differentiated and exceptionally exquisite, this is no curve balls that a brand like Vacheron Constantin, not shy in making rich watches, as of now picked this shading plan previously . However, today, they are pushing it a couple of steps further, as the Traditionnelle Collection gets the slate dark/pink gold treatment on 6 of its models.

All of these watches share common components, which characterize the Traditionnelle Collection: a round ventured case, thin bezel and fluted caseback; a railroad track minute circle, “bâtons de Genève” applied hour-markers and Dauphine-type hands. Regardless of whether we talk about the basic manual-twisting adaptation of the über-complex Traditionnelle type 2755, there’s an unmistakable common family. These watches are “traditionnelles” from various perspectives, as exceptionally traditional, however not drained of elegance… by any means. This is currently much more genuine with the new increments, showing a dim (named slate) dial with a warm and tasteful pink gold case.

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Caliber 2755 Slate Grey

The Calibre 2755 summarizes everything Vacheron Constantin can do regarding complicated watches. It must be viewed as the lead watch of the Traditionnelle Collection. After two platinum releases (dark or silver dial) and one pink gold variant (silver dial), it will currently be accessible in Vacheron’s signature slate dim/pink gold combination. The actual watch is very of a bundle, with the type 2755 social event a tourbillon, a never-ending schedule and brief repeater with centripetal flying strike lead representative – and obviously, VC’s common ultra-top of the line finishing.

Details: ref. 80172/000R-B406 – 44mm x 13.54mm pink gold case – slate dim dial – Caliber 2755 QP with 58h power reserve, one-minute tourbillon, interminable schedule, minute repeater – Price around Eur 715,000

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon

Alongside the 2755, Vacheron Constantin likewise has a somewhat less difficult watch in the top of the line sub-collection – which means an all around extremely complex watch. The Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon may just show the time, it separates with its boss power reserve of about fourteen days (Approximately 336 hours), thanks to four arrangement coupled barrels. The development is obviously amazingly beautified. After a traditional pink gold/silver dial rendition, it presently gains the rich slate-shaded dial.

Details: ref. 89000/000R-B407 – 42mm x 12.22mm pink gold case – slate dark dial – type 2260 with 14-day power reserve, one-minute tourbillon, sign of the time and power reserve. Price around Eur 260,000

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Day-Date and Power Reserve

With this watch, we backpedal on earth, with more “accessible” watches. As demonstrated by its somewhat clear name, the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Day-Date and Power Reserve has 3 complications to show: 2 for the schedule, one for the leftover power of the development. Behind the caseback is the notable type 2475, utilized in a few watches of the collection, with a particular module on top. This new slate dark/pink gold variant will sit close to the traditional silver dial edition.

Details: ref. 85290/000R-B405 – 39.5mm x 10.65mm pink gold case – slate dark dial – calibre 2475 with 40h power reserve, programmed, sign of the time, the date, the day and the power reserve. Price around Eur 45,000

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Ultra-Thin Automatic

What you see here is the quintessence of the dress watch: just 2 hands, no additional highlights, a ultra-thin development, taking into consideration a case that is just 7.26mm thick, an advanced and rather huge 41mm width for a good wrist presence, and now a combination of slate dim dial and pink gold case, hotter than the current shimmering white dial. Inside the case ticks a notorious development, the type 1120, which powered a considerable lot of the 1970s sports extravagance watches, including the VC 222. it is here finely enriched, with Hallmark of Geneva certification.

Details: ref. 43075/000R-B404 – 41mm x 7.26mm pink gold case – slate dark dial – type 1120, ultra-thin (2.45mm thick) programmed with 40h power reserve, time-only. Price around Eur 32,400

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Automatic

Vacheron Constantin’s vision of a pragmatic day by day dress watch is the Traditionnelle Automatic. To be sure it combines the comfort of the programmed twisting with the presence of a date on the dial, fairly valuable in a business climate. The date is adjusted by a little second dial set at 9 and the watch has retrained extents, as just 38mm in width and 8mm thick. Inside the case is the type 2455, a notable base type by VC. It joins previously existing yellow gold, white gold and pink gold forms, all with white dials.

Details: ref. 87172/000R-B403 – 38mm x 8mm pink gold case – slate dim dial – Caliber 2455 with 40h power reserve, programmed twisting, sign of the time, little second, date. Price around Eur 26,700

The Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Manual Winding

The last of these 6 new models in the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Collection is the easiest of all, yet likewise quite possibly the most exquisite. It imparts its case to the programmed rendition, which means a 38mm width, with a considerably slimmer profile (7.77mm). The dial is adjusted and exquisite, with just a small second at 6. The sapphire caseback revels a huge and all around embellished hand-wound development, the type 4400, with 65h power reserve, and the Hallmark of Geneva affirmation. it will join an all around existing pink gold/white dial version.

Details: ref. 82172/000R-B402 – 38mm x 7.77mm pink gold case – slate dark dial – type 4400 AS, with 65h power reserve, manual breeze, hours, minutes, little seconds. Price around Eur 20,900