Value Proposition – Review of the AVI-8 AV-4047, A Pilot Watch Inspired by The Hawker Harrier II

Value Proposition – Review of the AVI-8 AV-4047, A Pilot Watch Inspired by The Hawker Harrier II

When you think about a pilot’s watch today, you’re probably thinking about a plan style, not a reason assembled piece of aviation innovation. Before, a pilot’s watch had a few extraordinary highlights that helped both regular citizen and military flyers. The watch needed to fit over the pilot’s coat and be sufficiently huge to peruse initially, day or night. Some had bigger crowns that could be controlled while wearing gloves. Complications included things like chronographs and slide rules for following pace, fuel utilization, and navigation.

Of course, the instrumentation in most current airplane make the pilot’s watch a greater amount of an extra than an essential flight device. Indeed, it’s likely protected to say that a great many people who wear pilots’ watches today aren’t pilots at all.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t value a decent aviation watch. Regardless of whether the solitary thing you’ve at any point piloted is a four-entryway vehicle, there’s a great deal to cherish about these rough and celebrated watches. We will be taking a gander at another watch from AVI-8, the Hawker Harrier II AV-4047-01. AVI-8 forms watches inspired by acclaimed airplane, giving recognition to the designing forward leaps of each plane and the adventures of the individuals who constructed and flew them.

Hawker Harrier II – The Plane

To appreciate the Hawker Harrier watch, you should discover somewhat more about the Hawker Harrier airplane. Albeit the motivation for most AVI-8 watches are authentic airplane, the Hawker Harrier II is an advanced plane still being used today. Generally renowned for its vertical and short departure and landing capacity, this cutting edge “bounce fly” is ceaselessly refreshed with the most recent direction frameworks and avionics. It’s really an adaptable, innovative warrior jet.

Hawker Harrier II – The Watch

The AVI-8 AV-4047 Pegasus Concept watch deconstructs the conventional idea of the pilot watch. Where the internal activities of most watches are hidden or – at most – shown distinctly through the caseback, the designing of the Pegasus Concept watch is on full presentation with its few layers and moving parts. Once more, instead of fill in as a genuine aviation device, the watch’s plan and development offer recognition – frequently in inconspicuous ways – to the highlights of the Harrier aircraft.

Style and Build

Visually, this watch has a ton going on – a two-conditioned band, three autonomously pivoting plates on the watch dial, a general striking look and a ton of wrist presence – but then, taken overall, the piece is outwardly intelligent and not in any manner occupied looking.


The case is made from Marine Grade 316L treated steel. At 45 mm in measurement and 13 mm thick, AVI-8 themselves say this watch is “exactly the size it ought to be” to permit you to value the plan – which will not forestall us to say that it remains a serious assertion piece on the wrist. The window is level manufactured sapphire. In case you’re an aficionado of screw-down crowns, you might be frustrated to locate that this watch has a push-pull crown, so it is simply water-impervious to 5 ATM. In any case, in the event that you were worried about water opposition, you’d most likely be on the lookout for a plunge watch in any case, right?

The case itself is charmingly created, with a few surface completing advertised. The bezel is roundabout brushed, the highest point of the drags is silk completed, the casebands include a vertical brushing impact, and to illuminate the general plan, a pleasant cleaned slant runs on the sides of the hauls. Get together and exactness of the various surfaces is incredibly good, considering the value level of this watch (GBP 350/EUR 399/USD 450). On certain variants, the case can be dark coated.


On this form, the dial is silver-white (dark forms additionally exist), and a piece of it bears a minutely scalloped surface while the rest is polished smooth. The point of convergence of the dial is the most obvious recognition for the Harrier stream itself–the recycled structures the vertical stabilizer on a frontal outline of the airplane that traverses the width of the dial.

The Harrier references don’t end there, however you may have to look all the more carefully to detect the others. The revolution of great importance, moment, and second plates, for example, is intended to emulate the Harrier’s ground-breaking Rolls-Royce Pegasus turbofan engine.

Speaking of the turning circles, they’re a bizarre yet energizing component you might be seeing interestingly. Valid, the watch has three “hands,” yet these really stay fixed while the hour, moment, and second plates turn past them. Reading a clock may take somewhat more “understanding” as you track every one of the dials across the multilayered watch face, yet most wearers will adjust to it. There is a limited quantity of lume close to the 12 o’ clock position, yet don’t rely on perusing this watch in the dark.


The Pegasus Concept watch is controlled by a Miyota Japanese 21-gem self-winding development. The transparent caseback puts this development in plain view, displaying a Pegasus Concept dark dab rotor. The edge of the caseback has a military vibe with block-style lettering engraved about. Generally speaking, a respectable development, which has demonstrated to be exact and dependable enough on a day by day basis.


With its 45 mm case, the AV-4047 will have a significant wrist presence for most wearers, yet that is genuinely standard for an aviator watch. Furthermore, with the 22 mm, calfskin cowhide band, you’re certain to discover this watch comfortable and cozy notwithstanding its weight. The thick tie pleasantly complements the cumbersome case, and you’ll locate a heavy-obligation fasten toward the end, just as the AVI-8 name marked into the underside of the leather.

Bottom Line

The Pegasus Concept watch isn’t your common aviator’s watch. You may be enticed to discount it as an oddity watch—all things considered, this British-designed watch would have been befuddling to a wartime pilot of the Royal Air Force—yet aficionados of advancement and shrewd designing will value the interesting highlights of this AVI-8 item. The form quality is astounding for a passage level watch, and the eye-getting references to the Harrier fly make certain to be an argument. At last, the non-standard presentation of the time, regardless of whether not the most effortless to peruse from the outset, is something that we unmistakably empower here, at Monochrome-Watches.

The AVI-8-4047 is right now available in two assortments: the treated steel rendition we’ve just referenced, and a titanium carbide ionic plated variant. Dials and lashes are adjustable too. Other than the silver-white dial, dark and “firearm” are likewise available. We likewise took a gander at the light earthy colored lash with orange edging, however comparable two-tone ties are available in base shades of dull earthy colored, green, and armed force green. For more data on this watch, including requests and availability, look at .