Value Proposition Review – Rumoe Nobel Royal Watch

Value Proposition Review – Rumoe Nobel Royal Watch

Every single day we see watches from each side of the business and from all territories of watchmaking. Regardless of whether it be super-complex cutting edge watches or class encased in a dress watch, we see everything. Yet, taking all things together decency, this comes at a value which normally runs in the large numbers. That is actually what the new Kickstarter-dispatching brand Rumoe has as a primary concern to handle: offering their sumptuous looking watches, yet at a truly moderate cost. Their debut watch is known as the Nobel Royal, and we got the opportunity to encounter it hands-on!

These are difficult stretches to begin another brand without any preparation, regardless of whether you re-appropriate (the majority of) the parts or development, and it isn’t uncommon to look for asylum on Kickstarter to get your image rolling. You could discuss whether this is in the soul of customary watchmaking and chronicled reference, yet I am one to acclaim appropriately planned and executed items and missions. Be that as it may, when we cover these on Monochrome, we will in general be somewhat extra basic a) in what we cover and b) by they way we feel about the brand or item. In any case, on the off chance that we want to cover it there is something there to start with!

History & Background

First off, a smidgen about Rumoe as a brand since not many of you have presumably caught wind of it yet. Rumoe was begun as an activity by a gathering of committed watch sweethearts (counting the suitably named IFuckingLoveWatches ) and they set out to assemble a legitimate dress watch, with programmed development, at a solid cost (a.k.a. sub 1000 euro’s). Established in Sweden, not the main country we consider with regards to watchmaking (despite the fact that we as a whole know Halda and Gos ), the Rumoe Nobel Royal is the company’s first contribution. Based upon the limitation of Scandinavian plan codes, the Rumoe Nobel Royal is a nitty gritty watch. No wrecking about with hard to articulate highlights, or over-the-top signs here. No, it’s a spotless and tasteful dress watch with a couple of fascinating subtleties and using old style elements.

Once a genuine awe-inspiring phenomenon when it came to clashes, Sweden presently has a standing of being a prosperous, steady and serene country with an exclusive requirement of living, a sharp eye for custom and a natural way to deal with plan. (It isn’t without reason Ikea is famous everywhere on the world, is it?) On another note, in the event that you take a gander at the current line-up of Volvo’s (XC90, S90/V90) you understand what I am discussing. Magnificent craftsmanship and never “shouty” or over the top. A specific level of restriction appears to lift plan even further.

Its name hints towards the Nobel Prize, the yearly honor gave to striking logical or social importance activities since 1901. This is obviously named after Alfred Nobel, presumably the most celebrated Swede to date, most popular for the “disclosure” of dynamite.


Well, being a dress watch, it is liberated from any superfluous mess on the dial. A couple of you may locate this exhausting, however there is supreme excellence in a proportional, controlled plan. Style or class can be viewed as a component in itself truly, as it is a serious test to hit that notorious equilibrium nail on the head. There are numerous instances of watches that guarantee to be a dress watch yet by one way or another neglect to hit all measures truly. Too huge, too thick, such a large number of signs, not the correct extents, some with too extravagant hands, and so on and we see it.

When looking at the Rumoe Nobel Royal direct, it appears to be that, at first, they have prevailing with regards to marking all the containers that make a dress watch a dress watch. It highlights focal hours, minutes and seconds, and a date sign, yet that is it. No more, no less. Some may contend that a date window is as of now a lot for a true dress watch, however hello, whatever floats their boat. I think that its an accommodating expansion to a watch’s everyday use.

Case & strap

The steel case (or rose gold plated) of the Rumoe Nobel Royal estimates 40mm across. Indeed, this is a couple of millimeters excessively huge for those criticizing watch devotees that believe a genuine dress watch to be 35-38mm wide, yet it looks somewhat more modest than it really is. At 11.5mm thick it is additionally thin enough to fit under a sleeve when wearing an all around cut suit and shirt. The stature of the Rumoe Nobel Royal is supported by the snap-in caseback, highlighting an etching of an outline of Stockholm. The sculpture you see is a pony riding Swedish ruler employing a sword and directing it toward The Church of Knights (Or Riddarkyrkan in Swedish). It is Sweden’s most seasoned saved structure and the entombment spot of all Swedish Kings to date. Truly, however much I like the gesture to Swedish fables, legacy and history, the caseback ought to have been screw-in. It feels excessively feeble to me.

In terms of completing, the case includes a cleaned steel bezel and a case with brushed sides and cleaned top, including cleaned hauls. These drags are proportioned very alright, yet I would have seen them being somewhat slimmer to be straightforward. They are calculated descending pleasantly, with the top part turning in much the same as the drags on an Omega Speedmaster for example (slightly less sharp). It’s a pleasant touch, which adds to the vibe of tastefulness a piece. The segment of the mid-case between the carries is cleaned, rather than the brushed sides.

The lash is plain or crocodile designed calf calfskin, either dark or earthy colored. Once more, not much, not much, however a fitting look and feel thinking about the bundle and the cost of the watch. It is connected on a twofold collapsing clasp, which requires a touch of exertion to snap set up. Also, hence, on the off chance that you snap the short end in to put, the clasp and-tang conclusion that holds the long piece of the lash now and then unhinges. This could possibly be a quality-control issue, yet it troubled me a bit.

Dial & hands

As said, the dial is controlled, as a traditionally planned dress watch should be. You can pick a dark or white dial, in either the steel or rose gold plated steel case. The two dials are level, with steel or rose gold applied hour markers, hands and date window. A twofold hour marker on top to show early afternoon/12 PM with the Rumoe logo and name underneath that complete the markings truly (aside from the “programmed” notice in the base part).

The date plate under the dial is simply a similar tone as the dial, with white markings (on the dark dialed watches and dark on the white dialed forms). The textual style for the date circle is pleasantly done, sharp and flimsy so it doesn’t occupy from the principle dial excessively however is as yet intelligible enough.

The dauphine hands, a conventional kind of hands and regularly utilized in dress watches, are done in steel and come up short on any glowing covering (as the ought to!). No requirement for evening time perceivability here; wouldn’t suit the watch by any means. The length of the hands is proportional, and leads out to the edge of the dial (the moment and seconds hands at any rate, the hour hand is more limited obviously) to follow the moment/seconds track.


In the greater part of these Kickstarter crusades that work in the sub-1k portion of the business, you will discover non-Swiss developments. Rumoe selected to go for a Seiko development however, which is a shrewd choice. The Seiko NH35 type is an essential, however dependable one. Once more, nitty gritty here, simply great, strong watchmaking. Seiko is known for their basically impenetrable developments, and all in-place of course!

The Seiko NH35 is additionally fitted in the as of late reviewed Elegantsis JKS Basic watch and in the bizarre Lyttlabs Inception . It offers hand winding, and hacking seconds yet very little more than that. Fit for running 41 hours once completely twisted, it is a genuine workhorse, more than fit enough to bring you through ordinary use. The development isn’t explicitly excellent regarding completing or enrichment so the encased caseback is a brilliant decision. One minor detail in any case, is that the twisting of the rotor is noisy, in all probability because of that snap-on caseback not giving the sound-sealing like a screw-in version.


I began this review with the explanation that the Rumoe Nobel Royal ticks the majority of the cases to be named as a dress watch I actually remain by that assertion. Indeed you may contend that it is somewhat excessively huge and yes it may miss the mark in some completing subtleties yet, it is a balanced, traditionally planned watch. It is entirely reasonable, beginning at just US$199 during the mission, will probably be a solid and adaptable piece. Generally it looks like it, is pleasantly proportioned and just has a couple of contacts that to some degree let it down. The snap-in caseback and the dodgy collapsing clasp for example, despite the fact that that last one could be down to quality-control. So does it hit that previously mentioned certifiable nail on the head? Actually no, not altogether yet at this value level, it comes terribly close. For more data, go to or their Kickstarter crusade .

Specifications – Rumoe Nobel Royal

  • Case: 40mm x 11,5mm steel or rose gold plated steel – sapphire gem – snap-in caseback with etching – Rumoe marked crown – cleaned and brushed surfaces
  • Movement: Seiko NH35 with automatic winding – 27.40mm x 5.32mm – 21’600 vibrations/h – 41h force save – 24 gems – focal hour minutes and seconds – date circle at 3 o’clock
  • Strap: plain or crocodile printed calfskin – dark or earthy colored – twofold collapsing buckle
  • Price: beginning at US$199 during the Kickstarter-lobby