VIDEO – An In-Depth Look Inside Carl F. Bucherer, Made of Lucerne

VIDEO – An In-Depth Look Inside Carl F. Bucherer, Made of Lucerne

The name Bucherer may sound familiar to a large number of you, so we however it’d be applicable to clarify a couple things… After a nearer examination on the brand, we even found that there was in reality significantly more to tell, to see, and to like! This is the reason today, we acquire you this profundity video focussed on  Carl F. Bucherer – and for that, we plunked down with CEO Sascha Moeri, we visited the manufacture, which has a solid focus on the in-house peripheral rotor development, and we talked about history, present and future of the brand – and obviously, the connection between Carl F. Bucherer and Bucherer retail stores.

Seeing Carl F. Bucherer watches was not a first for us, at Monochrome Watches. We previously had a serious complete view on the brand (at least, we however we had) and its watches, through a few active articles and reviews – you can see them here . Nonetheless, obviously, we needed to know more, basically on the grounds that a brand isn’t just about its watches yet in addition (and mainly) about individuals that are behind it, just as its set of experiences, its experience and its future. A few features of this brand previously established a serious connection with us, including the peripheral rotor development – something that isn’t extraordinary yet Carl F. Bucherer is the lone manufacture to have such twisting instrument in watches produced on an enormous scale.

Because of this practically novel feature, we needed to carry you inside the manufacture to see how and why such advancements have been made, how this brand came to make such watches. Obviously, as the watch-darlings that we will be, we made a specific focus on the Manero assortment, the most in fact progressed scope of Carl F. Bucherer.

In this video, CEO of the brand, Sascha Moeri, additionally replies with extraordinary straightforwardness to a significant inquiry: the connection between Carl F. Bucherer and the Bucherer retail locations – and we prefer him to give you the clarification in the video. Enjoy!

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