What could well be on the wrist of Iron Man / Robert Downey JR? A URWERK UR-110 of course (and he wears it in Spider-Man Homecoming)

What could well be on the wrist of Iron Man / Robert Downey JR? A URWERK UR-110 of course (and he wears it in Spider-Man Homecoming)

In the universe of watches, it’s become de rigeur to have watches “placed” in films (and sometimes, it’s a touch something beyond that ). It’s a training known as “product placement” and, in specific measures, it appears to help selling watches (do you feel the incongruity here…?) However, the story here is a lot cooler than the typical “watch in a movie” commercial tie-up, and has been directed by energy, involving with perhaps the coolest watch around. All in all, what could well be the watch worn by Iron Man/Tony Stark a.k.a Robert Downey Jr in upcoming movie Spider-Man Homecoming? Furthermore, why this choice?

Recently, in a post on his own Instagram account , Robert Downey JR showed himself wearing no not exactly a URWERK UR-110 Torpedo in Rose Gold, while going to the world-debut of Spider-Man Homecoming. Considerably cooler, he posted another picture with Yacine Sar , the free watchmaker’s Head of Communication. Anyway, what to consider that…? The story has been advised to us by Yacine herself:

That’s a cool story and it happened without a moment to spare for our 20th anniversary. Sony Pictures reached us in late 2016. They disclosed to us a significant character of their Spider-Man Homecoming creation needed to see and perhaps wear one of our watches. Could this be the furthest down the line scam?… We don’t have any Ambassador and were/are not quick to pay for one so we declined affably. In any case, they reached us once more, demanding it was an individual solicitation and drop the name… So I flew right to Atlanta to meet this new fan: Mr Robert Downey JR himself. He thought his character: Tony Stark/Iron Man would be considerably cooler with a URWERK on his wrist. Would anyone have said no? We didn’t !!!

We all realize that Downey JR is a watch gatherer – and truth be told a significant unique kind of watch authority, as you can find in this meeting he accomplished for GQ . Nonetheless, moving from standard brands (like JLC, Rolex or Omega) to a super-mature brand like URWERK is especially fulfilling to us. The most amazing aspect of this story? All things considered, truth be told, not just has the person been seen wearing his URWERK UR-110 on honorary pathway occasions, however the watch will really be visible in Spider-Man Homecoming film – regardless of whether for the occasion, we can just theory the watch in the authority trailer, at 1:32.

Do we concede to this decision? Gracious, hellfire yes we do! Consider everything briefly? What could be the best watch for Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man in his regular citizen life? What could this wealthy American business head honcho, playboy, and astute designer have on his wrist? A rich dress watch? Surely not! A URWERK Torpedo? Indeed, it does bodes well. Truly, this is an extraordinary match and we are satisfied to see that the watch shows up on red covers as well as has been purposely decided to be important for the film, by the entertainer himself.

More subtleties on  www.urwerk.com . Spider-Man Homecoming was delivered in the United Kingdom on July 5, 2017 and in extra global business sectors on July 6. It was delivered in the United States on July 7, 2017. A continuation is booked to be delivered on July 5, 2019. Along these lines, will we see another URWERK watch in this upcoming episode?…Let’s see what Robert has in mind.