Women’s Watch Wednesday – GoS Watches Unveils All-New Sarek Ladies Line for 10th Anniversary

Women’s Watch Wednesday – GoS Watches Unveils All-New Sarek Ladies Line for 10th Anniversary

Having covered the watch and adornments world as a columnist for over thirty years, I have had the incredible fortune of watching many beginning up brands proceed to progress. GoS Watches is one such brand. Exceptionally irregular in its contributions, GoS Watches commends its 10th commemoration this year, and out of appreciation for that commemoration, the brand discloses its first watch devoted to ladies: the GoS Sarek Lady.

Before we make a plunge directly into this watch, be that as it may, we need to clarify what makes GoS Watches – hand tailored in Sweden – so amazingly remarkable. To begin with, obviously, is the way that this brand was established – and keeps on being based and to create its watches – in Sweden. All the more critically, nonetheless, is the way that GoS produces watches that element hand-manufactured Damascus steel development components and special tempered shading Damascus steel dials.

The brainchild of expert bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and expert watchmaker Patrik Sjögren (GoS authors), GoS watches are hand fashioned with designs and tempered so their shading arises – each with an alternate character. Basically, Damascus steel is a method of example welding that effectively traces all the way back to the Viking time and embraced by Scandinavia, also. By extinguishing the steel during the example welded measure, utilizing corrosive or different materials, various tones, examples and patinas emerge.

This is the idea GoS uses for its extraordinary watches, yet in a cutting edge way manufactured by Johan Gustafsson utilizing his own brand names so that each is its own show-stopper. GoS likewise utilizes impeccable Damascus steel for outside pieces of the case so there will be no consumption. Also, to keep the hand-made in Sweden idea unadulterated, the brand has, for the recent years, started completing the entirety of its watches with privately delivered Moose-cowhide straps.

Predominantly motivated by the components of nature that encompass them, these two men epitomize that motivation in the diverse watch lines, like the Nordic Seasons, Aurora, Winter Nights, Midnight Sun, and now the new GoS Sarek Ladies line. The principal ladies’ watch with a dial made from Damascus steel, the new Sarek Ladies line is motivated by the Sarek National Park in northern Sweden that is one of Europe’s most established public parks.

In 2015 and 2016, the brand began a men’s Sarek assortment , yet immediately picked to add the ladies’ line, a first for the brand. On account of Gustafsson’s capacity to remove normal energetic tones in his grasp manufactured steel, striking brilliant pink, purple, orange and blue shades make the watches unbelievably appealing – obviously, contingent upon the watch, the dials will be completely extraordinary in the two themes and colors.

Additionally, the brand adds some Viking-motivated subtleties, for example, obvious lash screws and has improved subtleties from the men’s Sarek for the women’s, for example, reflexive cleaning on the circular case ring grooves.  Finally, the brand opens the round record markers for the hours with the goal that the tone underneath comes through. Indeed, even the hands in serious shine cleaned finish are enlivened by the Viking bolt and leads. A Soprod A10 development with a custom GoS rotor in silk dim forces this 31.5mm watch.

The uncommon dial designs, just as the tempered common shading that arise on the dials are intelligent of Sarek National Park, home to 100 icy masses and six of Sweden’s 13 most noteworthy pinnacles. The tones imitate the streams, valleys, mountains and sun-doused tops. Truth be told, each dial is 164-layered steel Damascus with a pool design that is heat tempered to draw out the colors.

Mind you, this watch isn’t for everybody. The examples and shadings are intense. On the off chance that you are searching for an unobtrusive watch, this isn’t it. Be that as it may, the watch wears entirely comfortable gratitude to the 31.5mm size and in spite of the appearing to be occupied look of the dial, meaningfulness was simple gratitude to the huge hands and the steel against the tones. So all things considered, it is an extraordinary piece on the wrist. Something else to be aware of is that in the event that you are not a devotee of the pinks and purples, GoS Watches will work with you to attempt to persuade your favored tones out of the Damascus steel.

As to the final details on the Sarek Ladies watch, we love the Moose calfskin lash, just as the bright pastel and white cowhide ties that are likewise advertised. Due to the manner in which the dials are fashioned, each watch is interesting. Water impervious to 5 ATM, the watch crown has twofold gaskets. Each piece has a twofold sided against intelligent covering on the sapphire precious stone and each is engraved with “Exceptional pieces 1/1” and a chronic number. The Sarek Ladies watches retail for US$8,500 (+ pertinent charges). For more information:  GoSwatches.com .

Technical Specifications – GoS Watches Sarek Ladies

  • Case: 31.5mm distance across x 9mm thickness – 16mm single carry – tempered steel cleaned case – sapphire precious stone on the two appearances – 5 ATM water resistant
  • Movement: Soprod A10 – programmed – customized rotor – 4Hz recurrence – 42-hour power save – hours, minutes, seconds
  • Dial: 164 layered steel Damascus steel with a Pool design. Tempered shading of dial brings about special combinations for each dial. GoS stick shape hands.
  • Strap: 16-14mm in either dark moose calfskin or pastel colored leather with steel collapsing clasp.
  • Price: US$8,500

This article has been composed by Roberta Naas, organizer of A Timely Perspective ; and writer of six books on watches.